Freshly roasted coffee and home brewing equipment

Caveman House Espresso


Rich syrup and treacle flavours with a faint tropical sweetness
From £7.50
Ichamama AA Filter


Milk chocolate, lemon, caramel and red berry
From £8.50
Dulima Filter


Sweet milk chocolate with a clean and fresh apple acidity
From £8.50


Flavours of red apple, grapefruit and black pepper. Honey anaerobic process. 
From £8.50
Yirgacheffe Aricha


Rich, sweet & smooth with a fruity acidity, dark chocolate and juicy strawberry flavours.
From £8.50
Decaf Espresso


Melon, cocoa & citrus gently decaffeinated with sugarcane
From £8.50


A well balanced coffee with green apple, caramel, black tea and cherry flavours.
From £8.50
Ground Coffee Society Arrival Coffee Beans

Brazil / Zambia

Milk Chocolate, mixed berries, shortbread
From £8.50
Brew Cork Edition crafted from blown tempered glass and cork
From £15.00
Aeropress Coffee Kit
For a rich and smooth cup of coffee without acidity or bitterness
Hario V60 Dripper
Ceramic pour over dripper design with spiral ribs and steep wall
Hario Pouring Kettle 1.2L
The Hario Buono V60 pour over kettle with a 1.2 litres capacity
If you prefer to make a pot of coffee, then the V60 server is just what you need
Pack of 80 Size 01 coffee filter papers for use with Hario V60 dripper
AeroPress Micro-Filters
This pack of 350 filters will keep you pressing to perfection for months