Professional drummer becomes full time coffee evangelist

The Ground Coffee Society started in a small drum store in Putney, London. Dave, our founder, installed a coffee machine in his shop the drum-buyers soon became outnumbered by coffee lovers. Eventually the drums were moved out to make way for the first Ground café, and we started roasting our own coffee. 

Today we sell our hand-roasted coffee directly via our online store and via our wholesale and event partnerships.

Ground Coffee Society coffee testing

The art of hand roasting exceptional coffee

Roasting exceptional-tasting coffee is a mix of experience, art and science.

Our founder Dave and his team, bring decades of roasting experience into every batch, combining science and sensory to develop the desired flavours. 100% attention is required throughout in order to react as the roasting process progresses.

Science of course plays a big part. Controlling the rise and fall in both bean and air temperature, and the atmospheric pressure airflow (PA) is critical. We also measure the total dissolved solids (TDS) using a refractometer to measure light refractions through liquids.

Every batch is taste tested by our master roasters using ‘cupping’ to evaluate the aromas and flavours of the freshly roasted coffee when it’s straight off the roaster.

Ground Coffee Society roastery

Supporting farmers and coffee growing communities

Coffee is an agricultural product, so that espresso you are drinking has an effect on the lives of farmers and coffee farm communities across the world who are facing immense challenges. For us, being Soil Association certified and using recyclable bags doesn’t go far enough.

Our AtSource certification ensures unparalleled sustainability and support for our coffee farmers, coffee pickers, their families and the environment they live and work in. So you can enjoy your Ground coffee knowing it has played a part in reducing deforestation, conserved biodiversity, nurtured sustainable livelihoods and delivered clean water to coffee communities across the world.

Ground Coffee Society coffee farmers