Ethiopia Guji Gigesa

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Toffee flavours with brown sugar, soft panela and cooked apple. Balanced, acidity and plain sweetness
Gigesa Washing Station is located in the Oromia Regional state, Guji Zone. The coffee cherries are delivered from around 850 smallholder farmers in the surrounding area. The average farm size is 2.5 hectares, with corn, grains, and false banana typically growing alongside the coffee, as well as Birbira, Wanza, and Acacia trees for shade. Ethiopia is widely acknowledged as the birthplace of coffee, and is highly respected in the specialty coffee industry.


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Customer Reviews

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D.M. (High Wycombe, GB)
Crisp and delicious.

Even better than the previous Guji (if that was possible). Love the smooth toffee and sugar flavours. Best way to start the day.

More about this coffee

Ethiopia Guji Gigesa

  • Process


  • Altitude

    1800 - 1950 MASL

  • Region

    Gigesa, Oromia, Guji, Southern Ethiopia

  • Species

    Arabica. Heirloom Ethiopian Varieties.

Meet the farmer

The wet mill uses clean river water to process its washed coffee, which are fermented underwater in tanks for 48 hours before being washed clean of its mucilage and dried on raised beds.

Coffee story

Coffees in Ethiopia are typically grown on very small plots of land by farmers who also grow other crops. The majority of smallholders will deliver their coffee in cherry to a nearby washing station or central processing unit, where their coffee will be sorted, weighed, and paid for or given a receipt. Coffee is then processed by the washing station and dried on raised beds.

Ground Coffee Society Ethiopia Guji Mormora farmers

Growing region

The Guji zone was distinguished as its own unique production area in the early 2000s. It is located in the Southern portion of Sidamo and is named after the Oromo people.

Ground Coffee Society Ethiopia Guji Mormora map