The choice between coffee blends and single estate coffees is a significant one for enthusiasts, each offering distinct experiences in flavour, aroma, and coffee culture. At Ground, we've navigated this path since our coffee roasting journey began in 2009 with our Caveman House Espresso, which has evolved from a blend of beans from four origins to a single estate coffee. This transformation reflects our dedication to quality, sustainability, and support for coffee farmers.

The Blended Beginnings
Initially, the Caveman House Espresso at Ground was a blend of beans from Brazil, Guatemala, El Salvador, and Kenya. This combination was an effort to unite a variety of flavours, creating a rich coffee experience that was typical to a classic New Zealand style flat white. Blends are known for their ability to balance diverse taste notes, offering a flavour profile that appeals to a broad range of coffee drinkers. For a long time, this blend was the cornerstone of our offerings, symbolizing our passion for varied coffee experiences.

Transition to Single Estate Coffee
More recently, Ground made a significant shift to single estate coffee. This change was driven by our goal to establish a more impactful relationship with coffee producers. Focusing on single estate coffee allows us to provide more financial support directly to one farmer, rather than dividing it among several.
Working directly with Inacio, Carlos Urban, the Brazilian coffee farm owner, highlighted that this approach offered him better business forecasting, stability, and support. This aligns with our commitment to ethical sourcing and building sustainable partnerships with coffee growers.

Why Single Estate Coffee?
Choosing single estate coffee for our Caveman House Espresso matches our vision and customer preferences, especially since 90% of our coffee is consumed in milk-based drinks. It was crucial to find a coffee that could enhance these beverages. Our Brazilian single estate coffee is an ideal fit, offering a flavor profile that shines in a flat white, latte, or cappuccino.
We aimed to create a 'liquid Snickers' experience - who doesn't love the flavors of chocolate and nutty caramel in their coffee? Our single estate coffee from Brazil fulfills this vision, providing a consistent and enjoyable flavor that stands out in milk-based drinks.

The Beauty of Blends vs. The Charm of Single Estate
Our journey to single estate coffee doesn't lessen the appeal of blends. Coffee blends are excellent for those seeking a range of flavor profiles, offering a spectrum of tastes and aromas. However, our focus on single estate coffee for our Caveman House Espresso highlights our commitment to quality, sustainability, and supporting the farmers behind each bean.



The evolution of Ground's Caveman House Espresso from a blend to single estate coffee mirrors a growing trend in the coffee industry towards more sustainable and meaningful sourcing practices. It underscores our commitment to the quality of our coffee and the welfare of the farmers who grow it. At Ground, we believe every cup of coffee tells a story – the story of our Caveman House Espresso is one of change, commitment, and a deep appreciation for the coffee world.

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