Holistic Sustainability

With great coffee comes great responsibility

We are not a ‘coffee company’ we are a ‘coffee society’ because we believe how coffee is made and consumed affects us all.

Great coffee should be great for everyone

We have the privilege of creating a wonderful product that coffee drinkers enjoy and recommend to their friends and families. People love our coffee.

But coffee is an agricultural product, so that flat white you are drinking has an effect on the lives of farmers and coffee farm communities across the world who are facing immense challenges. 

Naturally we and our customers want assurance that when they purchase from Ground it is safe and sustainable for both the farmers, their communities and the planet.

For us simply being Soil Association certified and using recyclable bags doesn’t go far enough. 

We are AtSource certified

AtSource by Olam is a sustainability insights tool that gives clothing brands, supermarkets and coffee companies complete insight into their agricultural supply chain for products like coffee, cocoa, cashew, cotton and rice.

This means we have complete visibility of our entire coffee supply chain, the environmental footprint of our sourcing, and the assurance that our farming communities and the land they manage are being helped and developed sustainably. At a glance we have the data, assurances, and verifications we require to guarantee that our sustainability commitments are being met.

Helping farming communities thrive. Halting deforestation.

AtSource means our coffees contribute to better social infrastructure such as schools, pharmacies, bore holes and solar lighting, helping to develop rural coffee communities. It means no workers were exploited in farming, picking or transporting our coffee under the AtSource Olam Supplier Code.

It means our farmers value and nurture the natural services that sustainable farming depends on – fertile soils, clean water and healthy natural habitats on and around farms, dissuading encroachment into fertile forest lands. They use climate smart practices such as mulching, soil protection, tree planting and water conservation – reducing their environmental footprint and contributing to better crop yields and quality.

Sustainability to your door

Through our partners, we have access to 100% recyclable, biodegradable and CO2 neutral packaging and our Nespresso® compatible coffee pods are certified compostable. We provide full product transparency to our wholesale clients, in turn helping them meet their environmental targets.

“We are here for everyone with a love and appreciation for life and the vitality that comes from enjoying a cup of superior, expertly roasted coffee. Knowing it hasn’t just made your day brighter but benefitted the lives of everyone in the coffee supply chain and the planet too.”