El Salvador El Gobiado Filter

From £8.50

Origin: El Salvador

Region: Finca El Gobiado

Variety: Bourbon

Process: Honey Process (Semi Washed)

Notes:  Black cherry, forest fruits, dark chocolate, creamy and sweet.

Roast: Light filter roast. Gentle into first crack then flat line the development for 2m15s

Grind Size Guide


If you'd prefer to grind your own beans, select wholebean. Just make sure you have a coffee grinder!


Have an espresso machine at home? We're jealous! We recommend a fine grind.


Medium fine is perfect for Aeropress, stovetop, or a mokapot. Never tried an Aeropress? We sell kits online!


Best for drips, V60, or Chemex. Grab yourself a V60 dripper here and stock up on paper filters here.


Select coarse if you use a cafetière, French press, clever dripper or for cold brews. Need a french press?


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